Founder of Inner Rejuvenation Technique, Wellness by Nature, ColourFool Life Coaching.

Cornelius Chan

Cornelius involved in personal and community development work since 2003. Graduated as a molecular biologist and biochemist, he then ventured into viral epidemiology with focus of phylogenetic analysis of epidemics. With those backgrounds and experience he then pursue his career in community development and social studies. His destiny unfolded when he got himself involved in energy work and psychoneuroimmunology trainings. More doors open as he decided to give trainings and teaching workshops of his own work. Since then he has been teaching workshops and giving talks in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Founder of International Academy of Colour Consciousness; integrative, intuitive & creative.

Founder of Inner Rejuvenation Technique, the path to body’s intelligence.

Founder of Wellness by Nature, advocates of natural way to wellness.

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