How to use BodyMaitre to See Both Sides of the Stories? (Love and Relationship)

What if, your relationship with your loved one, turn into companionship. Or worse..enemy?

What if, your love and desire with your loved one, turn into hatred and numbness?

What if, your care with your loved one, turn into plain responsibility and burden of life?

In this case study, we will explore how each parties holding long-term unresolved blocks and interferences can contributing the relationship dramas and traumas.

Kelly has been married to her husband more than 20 years. But their relationship with each other seems to get worse.

She realized there are certain old patterns contributed to the relationship problems and seem difficult to break-through.

Kelly told me her husband always comment and criticise her for everything she does and anything thing she says. It seems like her husband getting more and more impatience to her.

“He seldom agreed on what I did and contributed to our relationship, children and family at all. He can pick on small little thing and argue about it. Not even mention we have not intimacy for many years. She said.”

Kelly said she had to suppress her feeling to avoid arguments.

She wanted to know what is her problem and, also what caused her husband to behave in this way.

From this case, we are going to use the pendulum and BodyMaitre charts to identify both sides of energy patterns and underlying causes, with the trigger points of:

Whenever we have trigger intention, desire and action of judgment and criticism to each other.


  • Spiritual – Hoarding Old Energies (Forgive & Release)
  • Mental – Seeking Love (Outside of Self)
  • Emotion – Feeling Discouraged.
  • Physical – Integumentary System > Resistance to New Experiences

Based on the energy findings, There is some past accumulated unresolved and unforgiveness energy from the soul levels (present and past lives) required to forgive and release.

In your physical level, do you happen to tend to keep yourself in a low profile, avoid to do something you have not done before, and trying to maintain a daily routine to avoid mistakes or being judged?

Kelly: Yes. I try to stay cautious in my daily routine and avoid unnecessary problems.

(when higher consciousness indicate there is energy on Physical Integumentary system, it usually has to do with how other people or the world see our self.)

In your Mental level – Do you seek love from yourself, or seek love from your husband more?

Kelly: be honest I don’t know how to express love to myself, and I do hope my husband love me more.

In your Emotion Level – Do you feel discouraged easily?

Kelly: Yes, my husband comments towards me always causing me to feel discouraged, no matter how big or small of the matters. He never encourages and praises for my ideas and works.


Now, we have the overall view of Karmic cycles patterns for Kelly, what contributing the relationship conflicts with her husband.

During the session, we confirm and agreed by Kelly to discharged, neutralised the energy patterns, programming, imprints, conditions, sources, permissions, timeline and, rescript to:

  • Spiritual – Forgive and Release to everyone and anyone who has criticised and judged me.
  • Mental – Seeking Love (inside)
  • Emotion – Feeling Courage to express own creativity and love.
  • Physical – Embrace and Welcome New Positive and Loving Life Experiences


On the 2nd part of Session, we continue to work with Kelly Husband side of energy patterns that may affect both of their relationships:

“Whenever I have trigger intention, desire and action of judgment and criticism to Kelly: “


  • Spiritual – Hoarding Old energies (Forgive & Release)
  • Mental – Overly Rapidly Conclusions (Subconscious Programming)
  • Emotion – Feeling Bothered (Unresolved & Accumulated Emotions Energy)
  • Physical – Nervous System > Isolation, “Don’t Bother Me.”

From the Energy patterns of the four-body consciousness for Kelly’s husband, it indicates the accumulated set of his energy could affect their relationship.

Kelly also agreed that her husband dislike of being bothered and disturbed.

We also ask the higher consciousness to neutralize and rescripts the four-body system consciousness and energy patterns/sources with the permission of Kelly husband.

  • Spiritual – Forgive and Release to everyone and anyone who has bothered and disturbed me.
  • Mental – Good Listener
  • Emotion – Feeling Free and Easy
  • Physical – Nervous System > Understanding & Acceptance.

From both party energies patterns and readings, we can see the overall pictures, how does it play out and, what causes the conflict between Kelly and her husband, we also concluded the following for Kelly:

  1. There’s no wrong or right when it’s come to relationship. It is accumulated energy being playout from both parties when there’s specific condition (discouraged, bothered etc) being play and triggered by the mental, emotional, physical or spiritual body. No matter it is negative or positive.
  2. If both parties would like to reconcile the relationship, both side of the four-bodies energy patterns shall rescript and match the goal and ideal relationship from both parties.
  3. To fully transform our relationship with ourself and others, means to rescripts our mind, heart body and soul.
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