How to Use BodyMaitre with SVH (Serenity Vibrational Healing)? Part 1

The foundation for Serenity Vibrational Healing is Quantum Level Reprogramming (QLR). QLR is a reformatting tool that empowers the Creator to energetically release limiting beliefs and perceptions while reformatting genetic predispositions and non-serving life patterns.

While BodyMaitre is a Researching System with listed thousands of overs of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks, root causes, interferences, subconscious programming, belief system, environmental blocks, psychic attacks patterns, spiritual manipulation and multi-dimensional / planetary blocks. through the help of creator and angelic forces, it helps us to identify the root causes through the BodyMaitre pendulum charts and magnetic pendulum.

How BodyMaitre dowsing system help SVH practitioner create a throughout protocols for clearing and healing?

BodyMaitre able to help practitioners to forms a more throughout, details protocol through identifying the root causes of the problems, thus, SVH practitioner can assist clients to perform a much deeper, faster and straightforward clearing and healing.

Case Study

Jessie always worries about anything and everything in her life, she realized her mind automatically venture into negative perceptions, outcomes, and consequences,  thus, not many people willing to share ideas/conversation with her since she always pointing out the “negative” sides of the “contribution” and always choose to reject any form of ideas.

It became a stagnant pattern in her thinking and she realized this psychological behavior seriously blocking in her relationship with friends,  family, money, and career.

In this case study, we are using BodyMaitre to scan through her consciousness and timeline to identify what are the root causes that cause her to worry, so that we can realign her mindset to be more optimistic and productive.

Through the BodyMaitre findings, here’ the set of energy patterns that reside in her four-bodies system:

  1. Physical Body > Respiratory System
    Not Trusting the process of Life because of Guilt.
  2. Spiritual Body – Remove fear of harming self and others.
  3. Mental Body – Overly Cautious
  4. Emotional Guilt-Ridden

With the help of angels and holy spirits to identify the root causes, we can clearly see that Jessie incapable to apply optimistic in her life, which was caused by past experiences.

“She believes her action and decision was a mistake, and it is going to cause harm to self and others if she made any decision in her life again, This created a subconscious programming of overly cautious to every decision and ideas, whether contributed by her or others. That heavy energy of “Not trusting the process of life because of guilt”  also manifested in her physical body, respiratory system. “

With the findings and researching, we created an SVH protocol for her.

“Our higher consciousness sweeps through our lifestream, into all levels of consciousness and all points and incidences in time; to clear, delete, release and heal: anything and everything that is anchoring, supporting or allowing these perceptions and experiences of: Not Trusting the process of life because of guilt, fear of harming self and others, overly cautious and guilt-ridden in our four-bodies system.


From this case study, its demonstrated how to combine both healing modalities, BodyMaitre with SVH together, to create a clearing and healing session for self and/or clients.


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