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About The Teacher- Manael Victor

Manael Victor is a Healer, Teacher, and Founder of Angelic Light Transmissions, School of Angelic Consciousness & Colour Prema’s.

At the very young age of 12 He was drawn to the healing light and wisdom of Crystals, which guided him into the spiritual journey of remembering his soul gifts. The Angels, like the perfect puzzle piece, filled up the missing gap to assist in rediscovers his Path and guided him to sprouts his gifts beautifully on earth.

Since 2005, Manael Victor has taught many people how to engage in receiving Angels Messages, Initiate and Accessing the Healing Light from The Archangels. Both Angelic Light Transmissions and Colour Prema bring people back on their spiritual path in a way that is non-denominational, joyous and colourful journey!

His Soul’s Path takes him all over the world – Europe and South East Asia for his Teachings, Consulting and Energy Feng Shui work where He has received many of unsolicited testimonials of how the Angels, Colours & Energy Feng Shui have healed people’s life path, harmonizes relationship, anchoring their soul visions and succeed in life.

Apart from teaching tour, He resides in Malaysia in the peaceful district of South Klang Town-near the port, surrounded by beautiful temples of Vishnu Lakshmi, Kuan Yin and Lady Mary of the Lourdes, soaking in the healing trinity of Divine Mother where He spent his time in reflecting, meditating and receiving Inspirational Guidance from the Nature.

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