Educator, Oiler and Corporate Finance Advisor


Weisuan is an accountant and lawyer by training.  Presently a freelance corporate finance consultant by day, Weisuan is passionate about alternative therapies for healing the body, mind and soul.  He is a Reiki Master and is a practitioner of Spiritual Response Therapy, Spiritual Restructuring and BodyMaitre.  Weisuan combines all healing modalities including the use of essential oils in his healing practice.  Having been introduced to Young Living’s therapeutic grade essential oils in 2009, Weisuan was only a casual user of essential oils.  That changed for him in September 2012 after meeting Frances Fuller and having had two frozen shoulders six days apart.  Using Young Living’s essential oils, Weisuan managed to overcome the debilitating effects of two frozen shoulders in a matter of days and was completely healed in three weeks.  He also found that Young Living’s essential oils, supplements and products gave him greater overall wellness.

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