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How to use BodyMaitre to See Both Sides of the Stories? (Love and Relationship)

What if, your relationship with your loved one, turn into companionship. Or worse..enemy? What if, your love and desire with your loved one, turn into hatred and numbness? What if, your care with your loved one, turn into plain responsibility and burden of life? In this case study, we will explore how each parties holding […]

How to Use BodyMaitre with SVH (Serenity Vibrational Healing)? Part 2

Case Study – Money and Financial Blocks Mary is always having issues with money and financial challenges; she believes her incomes only barely enough to cover monthly bills, debts and expenses. Whenever she sees bills, receipts, credit card and bank statements, will trigger her fear and worries. She realised the more fear she has about […]

How to Use BodyMaitre with SVH (Serenity Vibrational Healing)? Part 1

The foundation for Serenity Vibrational Healing is Quantum Level Reprogramming (QLR). QLR is a reformatting tool that empowers the Creator to energetically release limiting beliefs and perceptions while reformatting genetic predispositions and non-serving life patterns. While BodyMaitre is a Researching System with listed thousands of overs of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks, root causes, […]

如何用BodyMaitre 找出在工作决策上将会面对的能量状况?

在我们每天的生活里,都要面对不同种类的选择。 如果一些选择关于到我们的工作前途的话,可能就会遇到犹豫不决的状况出现。 很多时候,因为不能做出决定而错失了不少人生的机会。 但,如果太过草率做出决定的话,也浪费心力,金钱和时间。 所以,当我们要做出一些重要决定的时候,可以用BodyMaitre 探求一下,到底有些什么内外能量可能会阻碍个人的成功。 一位朋友遇到工作上的瓶颈,想暂时辞职并放下生活的压力,报读一些有关自己兴趣的课程和继续深造。 但是,她想知道,如果自己做出这个决定和选择的话,对自己的前程会有帮助吗? 通过 BodyMaitre 灵摆系统, 我们找出相关负面的答案。 如果自己做出这个决定的话,有什么潜在的负面能量会导致失败? 答案:Give up 放弃。 如果自己做出这个决定的话,有什么潜在的正面能量会加持成功? 答案:Commitment 承诺。 如果成功完成这个课程的话,会有什么的经历? 答案:Valuable 有价值。 通过 BodyMaitre 灵摆图的能量检测,祇要不放弃,坚持选择的承若,将会对自己的前程会更有利和提升自我价值。

如何运用BodyMaitre 灵摆系统在宠物疗愈和沟通上?

以前,对猫的认知不是很多,自个信念都认为猫的性格是比较冷漠高挑一类的,没有狗那么的忠心和热情。 在一年前,突然想养一只猫,所以就决定把它 ,两个月大的折耳猫Aurora带回家,记得在它从笼子走出来的时候,还是很害怕的样子,但不到几个小时,也跟我们熟络起来了。也会跟我们玩。 现在刚刚一岁的她,让我决定动物的意识有一番全新的认知。 其实动物和人类一样,都有它的灵性,性格,感情,和想法。 在某些层次上,也比人类更加敏锐。 比如,当我从外面回来的时候,打开门的一霎那,它已经在门边等候了,进入到时候还会用他的尾巴扫一下我的脚。 或者,当我在心里大声说,Aurora!吃Tuna 咯!它会兴奋的“喵”过来,嘴巴舌头还会做出要吃的模样。 所以,动物的Telepathic  心灵感知能力特别敏锐。 有时,它会逗你玩捉迷藏,当她找到我隐藏的地方的时候,它会用双手轻轻点一下我的脚,就说找到我了,然后它会立刻跑去另外一个地方躲起来,要你去找它。 如果它心情不好的时候,如果我逗它玩的时候,她会大力的用脚踢我,她的眼神,明摆是要我不要打扰它。 动物,很多时候可能更加了解我们人类的开心或不开心。 但是,当他们不开心,或有烦恼的时候,我们可能就没有它们这般敏锐了。 有一次,它感觉上和平时的精神意识状况很不同,无精打采,又不像身体病倒的样子。 就搬出BodyMaitre 灵摆身心意识探测系统,探测一下到底出了什么状况。 答案是: 心灵体(Spiritual) Revoke Permissions to Lower Forces. 撤销给于低下负面力量赋予的权限。 意思是说,在某一个层次内,某些意识层次上允许不和谐的能量打扰。祇要撤销权限,这些能量就不能够“进入” 和影响它的健康意识。 Clear Ancestor / Genetic Line Influences. 清除祖先 / 遗传基因和程序的影响。 某些行为,健康状况很多都是由遗传基因带来的。所以他的这些现今状况很大可能他的上几代都有。 Psychic Hook – Collective.  来自集体意识群的精神能量钩接链。 受到精神意识群体所影响。打个比喻,就好象如果一大部分人精神信念都相信钱是罪恶的话,那么如果你是在这个群里的话,就可能给这些群体信念和能量所影响。 通过找出 Causes 根源,Aurora 的精神Effect 也突然转为正常了。也再没有看到它有这样的状况出现。 ——— 某天,一个朋友找我做了一个Session, 她说她的狗突然有病,兽医说是血有细菌感染。也不喜欢和新来的小狗玩。所以我们就用了BodyMaitre系统检测一下原因。 原来他的狗有一些卡着的能量需要清除。 身体 Physical […]

What Can Be Blocking you When Someone Rejecting your Offer, Proposal, Suggestion, Ideas and Advice.

Have you ever, during the business meeting, or brainstorming session, you propose a solution or ideas to the team related to your project, and there’s plenty of devil advocates trying to shoot down your ideas? Once they did that, they show a sense of feel good factor and satisfaction? This is unproductive tactic people often […]

Is your “heaviness” blocking you to fully express your strength towards your talents and skills.

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about “personal strengths.” You know you have them, and you’ve probably noticed that using them makes you feel good. By utilizing strengths towards your skills, talents and gifts boosts feelings of independence and confidence, makes you feel more purposeful, and helps you stay resilient in tough situations. When […]

Vibrational Dowsing: Why Practicing Law of Attraction Doesn’t work for you?

You have learned about Law of attraction, you seem to perpetuate the idea that positive thinking is enough to get you where you want to be. Whether financial goal or relationship commitment. You believe that positive thoughts can manifest your dreams, but no matter how you think positively, you just felt like what you are […]

9 Signs You may have Trapped Energies that Blocking You for healthy Relationship.

We might have been burned in love before, from the ex, family members, or BFF. Maybe several times in the past, some relationship we think we might have already get through it, some we thought we have already learned our lesson. If you’ve come out of a difficult relationship, a bitter breakup, or dramatic breakup, […]

5 Signs your Pet might be Having Trapped Energies

Have you ever heard of cat or dog do have feeling and they can read our thoughts? Do you believe pets might absorbing negative energies, emotions such as anger, worry and fear from their owner? Have you noticed lately that your dog’s energy level has dropped, his sleeping and eating habits aren’t the same, or he’s […]

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