What Can Be Blocking you When Someone Rejecting your Offer, Proposal, Suggestion, Ideas and Advice.

Have you ever, during the business meeting, or brainstorming session, you propose a solution or ideas to the team related to your project, and there’s plenty of devil advocates trying to shoot down your ideas? Once they did that, they show a sense of feel good factor and satisfaction?

This is unproductive tactic people often use to be pessimistic and point out all the ways something could go wrong.

The frame is that they are trying to be helpful by poking holes in our ideas. But the reality is that it’s rarely productive. Looking for reasons why something won’t work is typically not a good formula for actually making them work. It’s not encouraging and it just spreads bad vibes and killing ideas.

These bad habits might be actively playing in your friends circle, work, home and business. And affecting you negatively in deep seated harms, eventually block you in relationship, money and health.

For example:

You ask your friends about how was the dress you are wearing today, and she said, this dress made you 10 year older, and you are awful looking.

You are proposing a solution to your boss and team mates, and they comment this will not work at all without further checking, and no one in the meeting inability to look at the bright side, the meeting seem never ending with these group of devil advocates. And you felt so draining in the meeting.

You are asking your husband advice about your new job, and your husband told you, you wouldn’t do well at all and you’re probably resign within one week.

You was asking your lecturer advice about the project you was doing while you was in high school, and he point out all the wrong doing without giving any solution to you.

These devil advocates negative symptoms are quite embodied in every human being, in any society, workspace, and family. Running rampantly in the collective consciousness.

Most of the devil advocators, being hard coded and programmed in their mind and only know how to point out the weakness of others, they are pessimistic, inability to find out solution and inability to empowers their family members, team mates and loved one.

If we have many of these people around our life, most likely their negativity already “infected” us in some levels.

How do you know if you are already being “infected”?

The “symptom” could be:

You are feeling heaviness when someone being pessimistic to your opinions, suggestion and proposal.

You are automatically looking at problem first and inability come out solution to your goals.

You are stuck and churning on negativity cycles when you thinking of ideas of your works and relationship.

You feel heaviness when you try to propose solution and ideas to your loved one, boss and team mates.

If someone being devil advocates in your life, and their negativity might have affected you, and eventually blocking to optimistic and opportunities too.

You are inabilities to see clearly when someone presented you an opportunities and doors of abundance, wealth, health and money. You are automatically closed the door without you consciously realizing it, even the door open for you by Angels, God and Universe through your daily prayer and manifestation work.

Ultimately, we want to have the capabilities to see the both side, weakness and strength for any opportunities presented to us, and see the whole scheme with crystal-clear lens. Instead of just looking at the problems.

I asked this question to Creator, and here’s my finding from BodyMaitre dowsing charts, “what could be triggering within us if someone, every time being a devil advocates in our life experiences?”

These general underlying blocks, energy patterns, belief, programming could have been accumulated throughout our life experiences in our bodies every time when someone acting as devil advocates toward us and rejected our ideas:

Physical Body – All System > Resistance – Open to New Opportunities
(Blocks opportunities in all level)

Physical Body – Endocrine System > Fear – Dislike of the Self > Stress In Cycle > Frustration, Blaming
(this indicate energy patterns may be affecting your hormone in some level)

Mental Body – Distrust to Self or Others

Mental Body – Disappointment, Pessimism

Spiritual Body – Energy Meridian Blockages

Spiritual Body – Planetary Influence (Collective Consciousness)

Emotional Body – Vulnerable, Dejected, Defensive, Shame, At-Fault, Ashamed, Giving Up, Cast-Off, Defective, Insecure, Insulted, tested.

Blocks can be affected in all our bodies, If you believe you have triggered any of the above energy patterns when someone rejected your ideas or offer in the past, you may clear it with healing system such as BodyMaitre, SVH etc. So you can stay neutral, truthful to your dream and not being affect when someone distrust on you.

Else, we will be stuck at problem (Darkness), and inability to see the solution (Light).



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