5 Signs your Pet might be Having Trapped Energies

Have you ever heard of cat or dog do have feeling and they can read our thoughts?

Do you believe pets might absorbing negative energies, emotions such as anger, worry and fear from their owner?

Have you noticed lately that your dog’s energy level has dropped, his sleeping and eating habits aren’t the same, or he’s not as interested in the things he used to be interested in?

Or, you may be found that your pets sudden change to different behaviour while you are facing a life challenging times?

As any animal lover will tell you, animals just like human, have feelings, too.

They may not be able to talk about them, but if you watch their behaviour and get to connect with them, you will soon be able to recognize their subtle changes of emotion.

If you’re concerned about your furry companion, look out for these signs of trapped energies in your pets.

  1. Appetite Changes

    When cat or dog having trapped energies and look depressed, they often eat less or even stop eating, just like how we depressed and lacking of appetite.

  2. Changes in Sleeping Habits

    Like humans, when cat or dog get depressed, they often sleep a lot more, or getting agitated with the trapped energies.

  3. Loss of Interests

    Your pets might be no longer showing interest in all the activities used to enjoy.

  4. Agitated, Avoidance or Hiding

    Your pets suddenly start feeling agitated, hiding from you or wants to be left alone, that’s strong indication that something is bothering them.

  5. Excessive Licking

    If it seems like your cat dog are excessive licking or biting, they may be experiencing trapped energy and might lead to depression.

Just like human, when we are having sign of moody or depressive behaviour, usually means we have trapped energy in our body. This is also same apply to animals.

Not only stray cat or dogs easily trapped with negative energy such as fear, defensive and hopelessness, pets bought from pet shop which being caged all day long would have trapped energy.

Else, if you are suffering from depression or trapped emotions within you, your pet most likely have it too.

When we have our  8 weeks old kitten, she is very intelligent and active Scottish Fold. Just that it might be a little bit moody and dislikes me to cuddle her more than 2 minutes.

She also fears of being locked in the room or carrying cage when we bring her to Seed of Life.

I started suspect it might be causes of trapped energy in her, so I pick up my pendulum and check, and found that it is a yes answer, I check further using vibrational level pendulum charts and found that she have a trapped energies in her, the energy related to “Limited and Frustration”.

I check when is these trapped energy occurred? Based on the pendulum finding,  it was occured when was born and keep in a cage, lead to creating the fear of being limited and frustration.

After using magnetic pendulum healing methods and further dowsing which type of essential oils suitable to assist her release trapped energy, her energy shifted instantaneously once released, and she show big difference compare to past behaviours, and I’m glad she is finally allowing me to cuddle her peacefully.

Our pets are companions and sometimes they make the ultimate sacrifice for us, such as absorbed our energy. We can learn the deepest sense of love from them. Maybe God created them so we can learn how to be selfless.

One thing is for sure, they brighten our days, comfort us when we’re lonely, and warm our hearts. Although Pets can’t talk our own language, but definitely, we all share the common language of communication, called intention, love and feeling.

It is recommended to check your pet whether have trapped energy or not, who know when we are depressed, and they might have felt the same, or absorbed our energy and trapped inside?

If you are interested to learn how to help you and your pet identify and release trapped energy, you may check out my vibrational dowsing class schedule at workshop schedule page.


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