9 Signs You may have Trapped Energies that Blocking You for healthy Relationship.

We might have been burned in love before, from the ex, family members, or BFF.

Maybe several times in the past, some relationship we think we might have already get through it, some we thought we have already learned our lesson.

If you’ve come out of a difficult relationship, a bitter breakup, or dramatic breakup, you may have built a wall around your heart with trapped energies. This self-protective heart-wall may, in fact, keep your friendship or partner from showing up. And worst, unconsciously holding on past and unwanted trapped energies for the rest of the lifetime.

If you want to know if you have trapped energy within you  that may causing relationships dramas, and whether you have fully let go of the past relationships completely, check out if you have any of these signs below:

  1. You tend to make judgments about people without getting to know them.

You evaluate people based on stereotypes or preconceived idea, which mean what you know best from the past experiences. Your mind automatically tears others down negatively.

  1. You compare the person to other people who have hurt you previously.

You believe this person you’ve met, like the past, is going to cause you pain.

  1. You replay the past drama over and over.

The past keep on replaying out in your life, like a record player, you try to stop but not helpful.

  1. You haven’t let go of a past relationship.

You’re still holding onto the leftover hurt and pain. You’re feeling like carrying the burden of grief and trapped by the heavy emotional weight.

  1. You are easily get agitated and frustration,

When friends misunderstand or misinterpreted what you are trying to say, you get agitated easily.

  1. You refuse to show your vulnerabilities and share honestly about yourself.

You dislike people talk about your past relationships, You want to stay hidden and distant.

  1. Your heart gets uncomfortable and fills with resistance when anyone tries to get close to you.

You get anxious when people try to reach out or show you affection.

  1. You get offended easily when others try to joke with you.

You can be feeling over-sensitive easily even your friends don’t mean it.

  1. Your Heart Pressure is like Roller Coaster

That trapped energies in your heart might causing your cardiovascular system to run wildly.

Trapped energies is invisible, it is in energy form / dimension… just like electricity and air. Although it’s can’t be seen by our physical eye, but it can cause tremendous harm for our physical body and our life.

As long as we are yet to let go any form of fear, such as anger, frustration, worry, jealousy, agitation etc, it stay and trapped in our body, if we let it sit  in our body, long enough it affected our cellular level and form dis-eases such as pain and tumor.

It is essential to keep our energy body clear and cleanse in regular basis, imagine if you have been taking shower and clean your physical body every day, but you have not clean your etheric body for the entire life time, what do you think your energy field would look like?

There are many healing techniques and system available in the healing circle to identify whether if you have trapped energy in you, such as

  • Muscle Testing – connect with your muscle and body intelligence through muscle testing,
  • Awareness Meditation through self-examination
  • Energy Scanning methods such as Usui Reiki
  • Information and energy Channelling method such as Pendulum Dowsing.

No matter which healing modality you picked. practice it regularly.

On-going self-awareness practices and healing allow us to achieve greater clarity in our relationships and life purpose.

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