Is your “heaviness” blocking you to fully express your strength towards your talents and skills.

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about “personal strengths.” You know you have them, and you’ve probably noticed that using them makes you feel good.

By utilizing strengths towards your skills, talents and gifts boosts feelings of independence and confidence, makes you feel more purposeful, and helps you stay resilient in tough situations.

When we’re committed and hooked up to our natural strengths, that will be our home. Using our strengths, nurturing our strengths, feeding our strengths and giving our strengths will all anchor us to our talents and skills.

Once we shine our light unflinchingly on our talents, skills and gifts, we will also start to direct others’ attention towards the gifts too, then we will naturally get the support, such as financial rewards and lifestyle we are dreaming of. It is always up to us to shine that light on our own gifts – not the responsibility of our parents, teachers, friends, clients…

But, what if you are not fully aware, own, honour and expressing your strength toward your talents, skills and gifts?

Instead, you are unconsciously and negatively charged it, you will probably be ending up losing your focus, purpose and direction towards your talents, skills and gifts.

How do you know if you are losing strength and negatively charged towards your skills, talents and gifts?

Pick your pendulum or muscle testing, ask your subconscious mind, higher self and angels:

I am so unhappy and feeling purposeless in my job. (Yes/No)

why are you waiting for something dramatic (hard knock on the wall) to happen to start making the right change for yourself?


I am worry about finances if i follow my passion towards my skills, talents, and gifts. (Yes/No)

If you don’t give, how will you receive?


My family responsibility more important than anything else. (Yes/No)

Putting yourself first is not selfish, it is self love.


My family and friends told me, I can’t make a living with my skills, talents and gifts. (Yes/No)

Waiting for someone else to ‘agree’ that you have certain talents before you can love and accept your talents will keep you stuck.


I feel uneasy and difficult, if I starting from scratch and wondering about how I am going to contribute my gifts, talents and skills to the world. (Yes/No)

Building your dream with your skills, talents and gifts required planning, effort, dedication and action, there’s no such thing people can express your skills and talents on behalf for you.

I feel unsupported, no one in this world need my skills, talents and gifts. (Yes/No)

You need to be supportive toward yourself first before you earn supportive from others.


I am allowing rigid-dead-end thinking taking over my mind and heart, it can’t be done with my current age, family situation, experiences, bazi, horoscope, numerology, fengshui, and current stage of life. (Yes/No)

You already giving up your gifts, talents and skills.


I am allowing thoughts of avoidance such as “What-If”, Yes-But” buried my skills, talents and gifts. (Yes/No)

If you are keep on focusing on problems, there wouldn’t be solution surface to you.


I am waiting for someone else to notice, validate, verify, acknowledge my gifts, talents and gifts. (Yes/No)

Do not wait for someone else to notice your gifts, strengths, talents, innate abilities. You must own your gifts for yourself, and love them unconditionally.


If you have Soul Memories or Angelic Divinity Dowsing with you, identify your negative charged patterns in your skills, talents and gifts, and find out your dormant unique characteristic strengths to cultivate.

When you allow your gifts and talents to surface through your strength, you’ll realize how much you can contribute and how they’ll be a perfect way to earn your living. You’ll excel naturally.

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