Vibrational Dowsing: Why Practicing Law of Attraction Doesn’t work for you?

You have learned about Law of attraction, you seem to perpetuate the idea that positive thinking is enough to get you where you want to be. Whether financial goal or relationship commitment.

You believe that positive thoughts can manifest your dreams, but no matter how you think positively, you just felt like what you are keep doing not going to change your life and manifest ideal  abundance results.

Sound familiar? So why?

If You have been practicing mantras, affirmation, vision boards, and abundance tapping rituals you’re still holding on to old and heavy emotional weight, you’re simply trying to fill a space that’s already full.

Imagine you have a glass of water fill with sands, you tried to fill up pure & clean water and hope you can change the glass back to pure water. No matter how you pour the water in, there’s always remnant of sands inside.

Energetic density in your body results from the trapped and build-up of repressed emotions pain that you haven’t fully processed and let go. That trapped and density blocks your energy from embodying the potential of abundance and wealth you trying to cultivate.

Trapped energy disturbances will not only slow down positive momentum in your life but will also slow down the influx of money, or dry up your resources.

For example, you are hoping for more wealth and money in your life to clear your debts or support your desire lifestyle, you try very hard to think positively but, you might not consciously be knowing you have trapped energy of being unworthy of love, money, or a fulfilling career, you may still be unconsciously carrying energetic density of worry, failure and judgment within some part of your body. And these trapped energies have power over your reality.

When you clear away the dense and trapped energy, your energy shifts.

Will times heal everything?

For my understanding, not exactly, no matter how hard you are trying to manifest your life purpose or dream lifestyle, it is always fill through your channel of manifestation with the remnant of trapped energy that yet to deal with.

If you’re not attracting what you consciously want, you have inner clearing & processing work to do.

If we didn’t manage to clear away trapped and layered of energy such as fear, anger, worry, shame and judgement, they are going to create what feels like a never-ending cycle of karmic financial struggle.

Which mean, if your bodies can’t match the vibration of what you want, you can’t have it.

How do you clear trapped energy?

Trapped energy will not be clear unless you can acknowledge it existence.

As you clean up the energy clogs and leaks within these bodies, you will experience personal and financial transformation.

To identify and acknowledge it existence, meditation related to inward awareness meditation is a good practice, it can help you strengthen and heighten your senses and connection with your own bodies.  Downside is , for some it might take months or years to practice reconnecting with your bodies, though it worth the times and effort in long run.

Other method is, using Pendulum Dowsing and Pendulum Charts.

It serves as a two-ways communication tools between your conscious self and your bodies. Through a series of questions, your body will unconscious moving your pendulum and showing the answer through a set of special made pendulum charts, and lead you to the answer you are seeking, such as type of trapped energies, where it is trapped.

Once your body letting you know what and where are the trapped energies pattern in your body. You can release it through a simply process taught during the workshop.

If you believe your own bodies have their own unique intelligence and you can communicate with your own bodies, then this method might be suitable for you.

But, if you do not believe your body have their own wisdom and consciousness, then pendulum dowsing methods might not be suitable for you.

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